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The Bill of Rights

The Constitution

The Declaration of Independence

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ConSource Bill of Rights Institute

The Bill of Rights : A User’s Guide

The best all around primer for clarity and an unfiltered look at how vital a force the Bill of Rights has been throughout America’s history, and the issues that are defining its future relevance to the American way of life.

The War on the Bill of Rights

A passionate examination of the dangers confronting individual freedom in post 9-11 America, and how they threaten the survival of these most basic American rights.

Origins of the Bill of Rights

“Pulling together a lifetime of scholarship on liberty, Levy offers a vivid account of the various rights and freedoms that Americans care most deeply about.”–Akhil Reed Amar, Yale Law School.

The Bill of Rights

“By viewing the Bill of Rights as a document with an evolving meaning shaped by history, and by stressing how the Civil War and Reconstruction transformed the Bill of Rights, Amar has made a major contribution.” –Eric Foner, Columbia University.

For The People

What the Constitution really says about your rights.

The Bill of Wrongs

In this, her final and perhaps greatest book, Molly Ivins launches a counter-attack on the executive branch’s shredding of our cherished Bill of Rights.