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The Matching Fund Endowment

OurMission_GraphicTHE BILL OF RIGHTS, the cornerstone of our free society for over 220 years, now stands as the most successful assertion of individual rights and liberties ever written. In a testament to the power of its ideas, principles once considered radical like freedom of expression and belief, the presumption of innocence, due process and equality under the law, are today considered universal human rights. Yet currently the Bill of Rights is barely taught in our schools, and is all but invisible in our public places.

Our Matching Fund Endowment is a historic effort to celebrate the Bill of Rights in monumental form on the grounds of all fifty State Capitols. We’ve chosen these locations because almost every school child takes at least one field trip to his or her State Capitol. Completing this unprecedented legacy project will give millions of impressionable young Americans, every year and for generations to come, the opportunity to experience our Bill of Rights in monumental form when they make that visit, as part of their first direct experience of our democracy.

Nothing speaks louder about a unique undertaking like this than who its friends are. We are most proud of our ongoing support from Newman’s Own Foundation, which has awarded seven annual grants, and the support of over 1000 contributors from 40-plus states.

To learn more about the Matching Fund Endowment and our 50 State vision, download the PDF and watch the video below.


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Our Mission

Our Mission

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