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Our mission is to promote an enduring awareness of and respect for the freedoms and the principles guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, through the installation of Bill of Rights monuments and permanent displays in civic spaces across America.


MyBillofRights.org Executive Director Chris Bliss

Everywhere I go in America these days, the people I talk with have two things in common: a profound love for our country, and an equally profound concern that we have lost our way. As we face the most daunting challenges in generations, more and more Americans are seeking out common ground, and turning away from the divisiveness and polarization that have characterized our national conversation for too many years.

It is this heartfelt longing to rebuild that conversation on a foundation of mutual respect and shared purpose which is the inspiration behind MyBillofRights.org. Of all the writings of our founders, none embodies this spirit as clearly as the Bill of Rights.

With the fate of the Constitution hanging in the balance, the most brilliant minds of their day engaged in a heated debate. Their philosophical and political differences were easily as great as ours today, and the challenges facing them no less daunting. Yet all had the humility in their brilliance to recognize that no single person or group among them knew everything, and so they came together to form a consensus. The result of this compromise, which rescued the Constitution and held together the fledgling United States, was the Bill of Rights, a document so visionary that it remains today the most powerful and successful assertion of individual rights and liberties ever created.

As our nation stands at the crossroads, the Bill of Rights can be a shining beacon pointing the way to rebirth and renewal. Its freedoms and principles are not just the wellsprings of our laws and justice system; they are also the source of our prosperity, the core of our moral force and influence, and a major reason why America remains so necessary to a world mired in injustice, inequality, and the forces of oppression.

It is time for us to rediscover our own Bill of Rights; to elevate it to the position of public prominence it richly deserves; and in so doing to help replant the seeds of America’s greatness so that the generations who follow can share in their bounty as we have.

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